NovoCurcumin-BIOBDMC(Next Generation Highly Enhanced Curcumin) Ultra Anti-Aging & Anti-Inflammatory - 30 vcaps



Ultra Anti-Aging( highest ORAC value 565000 units per gram) & Anti-Inflammatory Promoter Supports Immune System Efficiency Potent concentration of the BDMC curcuminoid that allows NovoCurcumin to create highly significant anti-inflammatory effects for everyone from high performance athletes and active living “weekend warriors” dealing with muscle and joint pain to those with much more serious and degenerative conditions. The 30-to-1 ratio of BioBDM30 (compared to regular curcumin) results in effects that are felt in hours instead of days.COX-2 Inhibitor It has 1200 times more BDMC( active ingredient) than Regular Turmeric Help Preserves Healthy Bones and Joints


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