Join Exhale Yoga Retreats in Bali

[photo1]Yoga retreats are the perfect way to escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in a peaceful, calming environment. If you're looking to deepen your yoga practice, reconnect with yourself, an...

Apr 2023

219 | Ayurvedic Tips for the Holidays

Join Angela in this solo episode: Ayurvedic Tips for the Holidays. In this episode, Angela shares simple tips to help you enjoy the holidays from an Ayurvedic lens. It is possible to still participate...

Nov 2022

LSF 30 2022 WINNERS!

LSF 30 winners
I legitimately get more proud of our LSF community all the time -- and that's especially true of this LSF 30 Challenge. What a way to start the year! You gals came out of the gate s...

Feb 2022

Summer Shape Up 2021

free fitness challenge
Here's What You Get:
6 weeks of targeted workouts to help you shape up and lose weight
A FREE 1 Day Total Body Reset

Jul 2021

This Year's LSF 30 WINNERS!

LSF 30 winners
First off, this entire community won during the LSF 30 challenge. You babes really stepped it up, more than we could ever imagine. The self care and self love that happened througho...

Feb 2021

Episode 77: Ayurvedic Ear Care

The Simple Ayurveda Podcast: Episode 77
The Simple Ayurveda Podcast: Episode 77
The ears are governed by vata dosha. This episode shares Ayurvedic tips for preventative maintenance, when to go s...

Mar 2020

Episode 64: Ayurveda + Travel

The Simple Ayurveda Podcast: Episode 64
This episode covers simple tips for using Ayurveda to feel well during travel.
Click here to listen to the full episode or subscribe to The Simple Ayurved...

Dec 2019

Yoga Journal: Live Be Yoga Tour

Just as Yoga continues to evolve itself, Yoga Journal has surely come a long way since it's creation in 1975 by the California Yoga Teachers Association. In 2016, Yoga Journal created the Live Be Yoga...

Aug 2019